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The Hornstein Methodtm is a customer relationship methodology that emphasizes trust and respect in all forms of marketing, and promotes opt-in relationships between marketers and their customers to maximize customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value. 

Direct marketing has always been about conversations with people, building relationships by listening to them and responding to them as individuals.  The dialogues underpin all the behavior we motivate. Today's marketplace is a brilliant realization and aggregation of all the qualities that make direct so powerful, and who better than Scott Hornstein to drive its' relevance to marketers trying to make sense of thousands of channels and millions of customers? I've known and worked with Scott for more than 20 years. He is a thought leader and, even more important, knows how to practice what he preaches. Among the many voices, his rings clear and true. 

David Sable
Chief Executive Officer



Opt-In Marketing presents a new and better way of marketing which:
  • Is far less wasteful
  • Makes more money, achieving substantial immediate and long-term incremental revenue
  • Solidifies relationships with customers so they stay longer and buy more!
"Consensual or opt-in marketing is the wave of the future.  I don't think there has ever been a time when marketers have been more convinced that 'business as usual' isn't going to work anymore."
- Al Ries    
Chairman, Ries & Ries


Customer Relationships: Three Lessons; Two Words; One Silver Bullet

I’m a student of customer relationships and I’ve learned three important things, which lead to two words and one silver bullet.

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Buyer Personas: Help define the industry benchmark

Buyer personas are portraits of target audiences portrayed as individuals (“Ted the technical buyer”) who are prospects for specific offerings. But there is little industry intelligence about how they are created, how much time and money they take, where they are being applied, and to what degree of success. This confidential cross-industry survey is the first comprehensive, definitive look at the state of buyer personas.

For your investment of just 10 minutes we will send you an analysis of how your colleagues and competitors are using buyer personas in their content marketing, campaign planning, and more. Please start by clicking https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/stateofbuyerpersonas2


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