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You Say You’ve Got an Evolutiontest

This is the third time in the last 20 years that I was certain that it was the end of the world, with a Cormac McCarthy novel waiting on the other side. We learn to cope, I suppose. We evolve.

Emphasis is on the word learn. Here’s what I learned:

  • Things are never the same again.
  • Chaos eats up a lot of energy, and energy is a finite resource. It pays to prioritize.
  • Above all else, we must live to fight another day.

In plain English:

In the midst of this crisis, what can be we do now to tilt the odds in our favor (assuming we come out the other side)? How do we evolve?

We all want to see the plan.

Emphasis on the word evolve.

One of the other things I learned is that when circumstances knock you flat on your back, the plan is to get up. Get up on your toes.

Make a difference that will be remembered, in this case for the better. Not in search of recognition. Right now, be human. All your customers are people, and all of the people are vulnerable and scared.

You say you got a real solution.

Here’s what some large corporations are doing:

  • Anheuser Busch and other beverage businesses areusing their vodka- and beer-making equipment to brew up hand sanitizer.
  • Fordis repurposing its auto-making infrastructure to produce ventilators and medical face shields.
  • Hanesis adapting textile infrastructure that normally cranks out cotton undies to manufacture 1.5m masks a week. Similarly, Hedley & Bennett, which normally makes premium chef aprons, started stitching fabric face masks.
  • Lyftis using its massive fleet of ride-share vehicles to deliver medical supplies.

We’re just doing what we can.

Here’s are 3 things you can do that will have a proportional impact:

  • Reach out to your customers and relationships with humility and empathy. Listen. Put their concerns first.
  • Offer to help. It might be with your knowledge and skills. It might be to call back later to see how they’re doing. Or, just that you asked, how are you?
  • Learn from what they say. Maybe they can help you.

You tell me that it’s evolution.

 In the spirit of this evolution, I have a suggestion, a step that you can take now that might make a difference, from us:

Let’s talk about you.

We have deep experience in the B2B arena, from strategy to research to results. If you need a substantive discussion which might illuminate paths you have not taken as yet, we’re here. First one’s on us. Just let me know. Sometimes collaboration with an outside perspective can help lead to deeper levels of problem-solving. I’m at, 203.470.3395.