There’s no app for this

How do you keep your brand relevant during these tough times? Here’s clue #1 – this is not a selling opportunity.

My advice is all in this one word – empathy. Be open and out there, engage with your customers as humans. Do more listening than talking.

In this post, I want to focus in on listening as an essential element of empathy. Not sitting back in your chair listening and composing your response. Active listening, where you’re on the edge of your seat and concentrating on what the words mean to the other person.

The aspect of my career that I’ve enjoyed the most has been qualitative research, talking to customers and unraveling the twist of their personal and professional ambitions that lead to a decision. It’s taught me a great deal about the importance of good old-fashioned listening.

Here’s an example. During an interview I asked a CEO what’s the most important benefit you receive from Company A? The executive said, our salesman. He really listens.

B2B has always been a personal sell. Now those persons are scared, bored, confused because the matrix of life is definitely down. We’re with Maslow now, concerned about food, shelter and safety.

Your brand is you. Trust empathy. Clue #2: it’s not in the data. It’s not in your stack. There’s no app for this.