What’s Your Competitive Differentiation?

As you look at the marketplace, what really distinguishes you from the rest of the bunch.

If it’s price, you’ve got a big problem, because cornflakes compete on the basis of price. It means that you win if you are the lowest cost provider, and are faced with unrelenting pressure to reduce your price further, so let’s put this aside.

Is it your product? Honestly, no one cares about your product. There are a gazillion out there that look and do exactly what yours does, and come in different colors. Customers only care about what your product, and you, can do for them, the benefits of a relationship with you.

The bottom line answer is – it’s you. How you see the market, your insights and experience, how you understand and articulate problems and solutions, what you are willing to share with prospects and customers.

You can do speeches and videos and meet and greets, but you’ll get the widest reach from an ongoing blog. It gives you the opportunity to find your voice, to impart your experience and expertise, to tell the world what your customers have achieved.

It’s where we can help. Writing professionals who can help you to put yourself out there, consistently, and hone your compelling competitive differentiation.