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The End of the (Land)linetest

Hi, this is Rachel at Cardholder Services.

My gosh, how does she do it? What stamina! She calls at all hours and from all over the country, and from a new phone number each time! In fact, several times caller ID said the call was coming from my own phone number.

Rachel calls me sometimes on my cell, but all the time on my landline. When we were visiting my sister, she told me that Rachel, or one of her robo-friends, calls them all the time. We were sitting around the house for about 3 – 4 hours and I counted 9 calls. Wild. What’s the idea, to flog us into submission?

You can’t call her back to find out really where this is coming from or who’s behind it. If you push a button to ask to be taken off the list, you double the calls.

Obviously, this is a big-time money-maker. But I think they’re going to kill the golden goose.

The FTC says they have been diligent in enforcement and have shut down many of these “shops”, but new ones keep springing up. It’s like kudzu. (Unlike kudzu, you can tell the FTC what’s going on at or 1.888.382.1222.)

Rachel is winning.

Yes, my sister is a card-carrying member of the National Do Not Call Registry. No, she has no pre-existing relationship with Cardholder Services nor has she, at any time, opted-in to receiving these solicitations.

Her carrier is willing to try to block these calls, for a fee, but with no assurances because the number keeps changing.

I asked my sister, so why do you still have a landline? Why do you pay for this every month? I don’t have a good answer.

Will we reach the end of the landline with a bang, a whisper, or a call from Rachel.