A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Interesting, this sitting here at home trying to stitch back your professional life, and perhaps your company. Who knows what the world will look like tomorrow?
Given that we’re basically in the business of connecting you and your customers, we’d like to suggest one small thing that you can begin today, that will most assuredly help.
Reach out to every single customer and relationship, because there are no more customers or relationships. Everything is spinning. Ground it with your humanity and empathy.
Interestingly my friend Kenny, as good a salesperson as ever there was, said that he was calling all his customers – everyone was at home, and everyoneanswered the phone.
Open the kimono – talk about what you’re going through.
Finish with hope, and hopefully an idea that they can use. Not hand wringing or hand washing. Strengthen your relationship. We know it works. Decades of experience teach that these folks are happy to engage, especially at times like these, and to tell you the truth.
Or, let them know where to buy toilet paper.