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Manage Change, or It Will Manage You: True marketing innovation requires top-down cultural buy-in

The success of marketing innovation correlates with the success of implementing change. Marketing may realize that all systems and processes must be retooled to become more customer centric. However, if the cultural change is not managed successfully, the …

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The Center of the Universe for B2B Prospecting

Every champion of a product or service believes in their heart that their target is the CEO. They need to find a way into CEO’s consciousness. That the illumination of their message will pierce the maelstrom like a lightning bolt and all, from there, will …

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A Smart 4-Step Formula to Identify B2B Prospect Opportunities

Not all prospects are created equal. Some are ready to buy now, some later, some not at all – yet marketing tends to invest the same in each one, which is inefficient at best. I’d like to suggest a simple 4-step formula that will bring an early identifica …

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The Big Picture – Use Care With That Database

A data-dollar spent in assiduous customer retention can be well worth it.  If you want to identify one of the most powerful tools for assuring long-term customer satisfaction, you’ll find it in your database. It’s capable of driving the most efficient and …

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The Lure of The Easy Target

The Lure of the Easy Target

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Customers Come First

In his second “Smart Marketing” column for the respected print and online publication, Sales & Marketing Management, marketing consultant, lecturer and author Scott Hornstein cautions that successful marketing is based on customers’ wants and needs, a …

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Smart Marketing – Marketing to the C-Suite

If I am to believe what I hear, jumping the corporate ranks and getting your message directly into the C-Suite is the manna that will feed a hungry sales force wandering in the wilderness.

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Don’t Pull The Wool Over Customers’ Eyes

YOU’D think that corporations would have already learned that customers want and expect swift responses to e-mail inquiries. Our research on the subject, conducted yearly since 2001, however, has shown just the opposite – a poor trend that is hurting bran …

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If It’s Such a Good Deal, How Come I Don’t Know About It?

Customers tell Golden Rule how Golden Rule should market the Medical Savings Account to them.

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Why PR is a Critical Component of the Media Mix

How and why PR made the difference in the successful launch of the PaperDirect catalog.

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You Say You’ve Got an Evolution

This is the third time in the last 20 years that I was certain that it was the end of the world, with a Cormac McCarthy novel waiting on the other side. We learn to cope, I suppose. We evolve. Emphasis is on the word learn. Here’s what I learned: Things aread more

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